Avon Tyres

Avon Tyres

Since 1885 Avon have had great success in their formula for making quality tyres, this was proven when in 1933 Rolls Royce claimed them as standard on all their cars.

But before 1933, in 1911 Avon started producing motorcycle tyres, and have done so for then past 110 years. Avon have battled through many wars and still have prevailed.

In 1957, Avon has a go at the thrilling world of motorcycle racing for the first time, with some degree of success, between 1958 and 1963, every solo world motorcycle champion rode on Avon tyres.

From then on Avon enjoyed several racing successes including extended contracts and in 1983 Avon creates Avon Racing and supplies racing tyres Internationally.

1997 comes and a new dawn for Avon as it is acquired by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, Ohio, USA. The deal gives Avon access to even more high-tech design and development facilities.

When 2000 approached, Avon pushes forward the boundaries of radial motorcycle tyre design with the Azaro range; this high performance tyre successfully blends great grip with long life. Meanwhile,  The technologies that created the original Azaro bike tyre in the year 2000, have been refined and improved; the new Spirit ST grips harder, lasts longer.

Today Avon Racing continues to supply competition tyres to more than 150 race championships around the world. Meanwhile, Avon's range of high performance motorcycle tyres continues to expand its coverage of the market.

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