Cooling Gel

NITROLUBE is an ULTRA high-quality silicone based lubricant that substantially reduces heat buildup in your tire. This is critical in getting the longest life out of a NITRO. No other lubricant works better to ensure the life of your NITRO.

  • NITROLUBE is a high-quality silicone based lubricant made specifically for our NITROMOUSSE. It substantially reduces friction, dispersing heat and ensuring a long life of your NITRO
  • Because of the high efficiency of NITROLUBE only 1 tube per install is needed.
  • You do not need to re-lube as long as any extra valve holes in your rim are covered and you are not losing lubricant.

CAUTION! DO NOT USE SOAP BASED lubricants (like Murphey’s) with a NITRO, as mounting pastes are only meant to be temporary and then dry up. These types of lubricants WILL cause premature wear and or failure.

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