Factory Links

Factory Links

We aim to provide all parts you need in a single package at affordable prices.
We strive to offer the industry’s top-notch line of bearing & seal kits, chassis link kits.

  • The most all-inclusive product line packaged in convenient kits.
  • Quality design and construction to meet the roughest riding conditions.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Large stock for quick deliver.

Our service kits include all required parts for a complete overhaul and a step back to OEM specs.

Pin and bearing making is a very precise business. Tests are run on samples of the steel coming to the factory to make sure that it has the right amounts of the alloy metals in it. Hardness and toughness tests are also done at several stages of the heat treating process. There are also many inspections along the way to make sure that sizes and shapes are correct. The surface of the balls, pins and where they roll on the races must be exceptionally smooth.


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