Viral Brand Goggles

Viral Brand Goggles

Viral Brand Launched 2015

Scot Steffy founding father of Viral Brand was the team manager and owner of MC Media when he founded Viral Brand LLC. His partner Steve owner of BPR Racing West Coast SX team helped launched Viral in Sept 2015.

Scot Steffy

Scot Started racing in the spring of 1983 and by the fall of 1985 Scot had turned professional. In Feb of 1986 Scot scored his first top 10 in Supercross and his passion for racing was solidified. 

Vision and Performance

The passion for goggles comes from a very early age for Scot and he has passed that down to the staff and designers. Scots father once pulled him out of a race while in the lead after Scot took off his goggles with only a lap to go. His dad said, "You can always race another race but you can never get another eye!" from that day forward, Vision and Performance were key to Scots racing. Every goggle is designed with this key focus!

Pandemic to Now

2020 and the worldwide pandemic was an absolute win for the dirt bike world. We have seen many new riders come into our sport and help elevate it to the next level, but inventory and world supply chains were a massive disaster. After the first few months of the pandemic, we were sold out with a very limited supply of goggles making it to us. We did everything we could to keep the doors open.


Viral Brand LLC partnered with Distributors across the Globe. This decision has been one of our best decisions. Our new partners are excited, motivated, and industry-leading professionals, and together along with you, our customer we are going to bring you unique, innovative, and industry-leading products for years to come. 

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